About Us

The year 2013 marked the turning point in our perception of bridal fashion. It was the year when we understood that we were resourceful and dauntless enough to set off on a spectacular journey that opened up whole new vistas for our team. We unleashed our imagination and let ourselves dream big and create fabulous gowns that could epitomise the innermost desires of every bride.

 The hard work of our close-knit team of adepts, our meticulous attention to the tiniest details and, of course, our unbridled passion to design, invent and implement all the daring, yet absolutely ingenious ideas have yielded amazing results. Since the pivotal year 2013 we have grown to be stronger, braver and even more willing to contribute to the magical world of bridal fashion. Having turned into a powerful trademark, Innocentia has won acclaim and recognition not only on the territory of our beautiful motherland Ukraine but far beyond its borders. Today our charming clients can get acquainted with our gowns in such countries as Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the USA, the UAE and the heart of the world’s fashion Italy.


This journey has been long and adventurous, full of advantageous and constructive challenges, motivating twists and turns and, most importantly, it has always been filled with genuine love and devotion to the work of our lives. Currently this journey is in full swing with two distinctive production segments (Innocentia and Innocentia Divina) being developed fruitfully and it is not going to stop because there is an abundance of inspiring and exhilarating projects in the pipeline. Every flash of inspiration, every brainwave is cherished by our virtuoso designers and dexterous seamstresses, so that each idea is nurtured and given an opportune moment to come to life. With a team like Innocentia, the sky’s the limit.

Every season creating and releasing a new collection that bears the brand name Innocentia, we prepare an array of options for the brides who favour classics and elegance. It goes without saying, that some traditional wedding silhouettes have become timeless and unrivalled. However, we are working on innovative approaches that will enable us to reinvent these all-time favourites, highlight their uniqueness and make them truly outstanding and memorable. The finest fabrics, a wealth of tender lace and the magical touch of dainty embroidery come together in the most astounding bridal ensembles. One more crucial detail that should not be missed out is that this segment is particularly attractive due to the reasonable prices of the gowns. We are working for the sake of our clients, so we strive to make sure that once a bride has found that very gown and is ready to make her ultimate choice nothing can impede it.

If the sophisticated word combination “haute couture” makes your heart beat faster but you are still convinced that it is something distant, inaccessible and far-fetched we are ready to dissipate this misconception. Innocentia has launched a separate luxury segment entitled Divina for the clients who are not used to taking the line of least resistance and are ready to invest in the gown of their dreams. So, if you are on the lookout for a mesmeric gem, a stunning gown that will enchant you and leave everyone around you awestruck, welcome to the magnificent world of Innocentia Divina. Here our designers breathe life into ethereal and spellbinding ideas that grow into gorgeous queenly gowns. Our greatest pride is the tasteful embellishment that is uniquely designed for every single confection. You are bound to fall in love with the precious embroidery, the masterly floral appliqué or the divine beauty of lace adornment that lavishly smother the fabric. As to fabrics themselves, we are selective and meticulous to ensure that the gossamer transparency of tulle, the refreshing coolness of silk or the aristocratic glow of satin will work wonders in terms of the style as well as the total comfort of a bride. Be resplendent and shine in your impeccable gown by Innocentia Divina.