About us

Our work consists in not simply creating the lovely images of evening and wedding gowns but in the capability and willingness to put the dreams of every woman into practice. Since 2013 we have been gratifying our charming clients with a wealth of resplendent wedding and evening dresses under the brand name “Innocentia.” Our company always places the premium on every single detail of any dress and this meticulous approach guarantees you the impeccable quality. Our evening and wedding images are embodied in the weightless ethereal silhouettes, the enticing gauziness and the audaciously revealing accents that are all blended together in the mesmerising confections created by the team of adepts who know and love what they do.

Every year the brand “Innocentia” presents new collections of exquisite dresses both in the classical and luxury segments. Our burning desire to provide the dresses that flatter every beautiful curve of a woman’s figure accounts for the undivided attention that is paid to the outline frames. The team of “Innocentia” is in the constant pursuit of the latest trends and fads, so, we successfully catch up with the modern fashion and today the exclusive opulence of our wedding and evening gowns is bound to catch your eye. All the designs adhere to the consumer demands and the current production standards.

The sky is the limit for the team of “Innocentia,” and it means that we never cease to astonish our clients. So, currently we are introducing the separate brand “Innocentia Divina,” which is aimed at those who feel eager to plunge into the luxury of the bohemian style skilfully actualised in the collection of the tasteful and dazzling wedding dresses.

Our incessant willingness to move forward is our main source of inspiration for further accomplishments. Recently, our company has reached one more crucial milestone, which is the fruitful cooperation with the Italian company focused on the production of men’s suits. As a result of this collaboration, we have launched the men’s line of exclusive, artistically elegant and aristocratic suits that will be perfectly suitable for any special event. This new project is being developed under the brand name “Guidi by Innocentia.”

“Innocentia” is the brand that has won acclaim and respect of grateful clients in numerous countries due to the highest quality of its creations. The unsurpassed team of professionals possessing great expertise in their craft and nurturing their true love of work and unbridled desire for endless self-improvement can definitely be regarded as the main key to the success of the company. As to the geographical locations of our clients from different corners of the world, we can proudly draw up the list including the USA, Latin America, an array of European countries, such as Italy, Spain etc, as well as the Arabic countries.  Dresses by “Innocentia” are our clients’ dreams that come true.