Reference: INE1801

This chic dress is bound to catch the eye of a true connoisseur of feminine beauty and the quintessential style, since the outfit literally exudes tenderness and some special romantic charm. This ethereal confection of the weightless fabric and the exquisite adornment creates the languorous image of dreaminess and, at the same time, fills the gown with the desirable freshness and lightness. The gorgeous A-shaped dress still reveals a few notes of daring and vanity which are conspicuous in the enticing bodice and the slit up the left leg. The delicate net of the bodice gives the illusion of nude skin luxuriously decorated with the sumptuous luneville embroidery of threads, beads and crystal stones. The immaculate blue lines of the hand embroidery trickle down the bodice bearing a striking resemblance to abundant refreshing gushes of crystal-clear water. The flowing skirt complements this gown perfectly, composing the unique melody of panache and sophistication. This dress looks absolutely resplendent against the backdrop of the picturesque lake.