Reference: INE1805

The playful coquetry of this cocktail dress won’t fail to allure a genuine fashion connoisseur and its deep blue colour will undoubtedly resemble the mysterious waters of an ancient lake. It will be a perfect outfit for a posh garden party in some splendid villa of the cosy Italian city. The images of carefree lightness and dreamy languor are immediately recognised in the short flowing skirt made of the copious layers of nets. The special charm of the whole designer ensemble is accentuated by the varying length of every layer as well as the meticulous combination of several hues of the rich blue. The transparent bodice is lavishly embellished with the opulent embroidered lace. One outstanding detail is really eye-catching: the décolletage zone is beautifully carved out and daintily adorned with the matching embroidery. The immaculate and tender lace threads gently enveloped in beads also frame the revealing back of the dress. You cannot but fall in love with this lovely confection, since every girl who puts it on is bound to shine like the brightest star.