Reference: INE1806

The design of this stylish cocktail dress offers the astonishing combination of cuteness and enticement. Its graceful almost ethereal silhouette is immediately associated with a fragile romantic beauty, whereas the revealing bodice of the dress adds a few tempting hints of self-confidence mingled with playful coquetry. This resplendent combination of the filmy net, opulent lace and stunning embroidery creates a profound even slightly melancholic melody that pulls at your heartstrings and undoubtedly deserves to be regarded as the black pearl of the collection. The bodice is tastefully embellished with the golden lace net and generously laden with the masterly embroidery which still leaves a few patches of the transparent fabric untouched. The weightless flounce gently veils the shoulders and sparkles with the crystals scattered all over it in the lovely elements of embroidery. The waves of the flowing skirt fall down from the slender waist in the filmy layers of nets flapping in the pleasant breeze.