Reference: INE1808

The opulence of the dark-blue satin creates the straitlaced and pensive image of this chic long dress which, at the same time, turns out to be rather enigmatic and irresistibly enticing. The hints of allurement and audacity are conspicuous in the beautifully cut décolletage zone as well as in the back of the gown. These elements make the outfit absolutely perfect for a ravishing and self-assured lady. The unique ensemble of the designer embroidery is intricately woven from the delicate sparkling threads of the matching deep-blue lace sprinkled with the finest beads. These tender threads meander smoothly through the cloud-like weightless net to meet in the exquisite pattern. The delicate straps slide down the fragile shoulders and cross the open back where they finally are united and fall into place with the similar elements of the embroidered embellishment.  This dress paints the ethereal picture of divine beauty which has been hiding in the depth of blue waters to come out and captivate the one who is in luck to witness it.