Reference: INE1811

This stylish designer creation composed of the separate top and the luxurious flowing skirt of the rich and noble Marsala hue has become the epitome of modern fashion tendencies masterfully mingled with the classic standards of “couture” collections. The dress, especially the exuberant décor of its top, is bound to catch the eye of a genuine fashionista, who is always on the lookout for the latest snazzy outfits, but still is eager to add a few chic highlights to eventually come up with an absolutely unrivalled image. The bodice looks as if it has been woven of the thinnest threads of lace shimmering with the soft silvery hue. The fantastic appliqué of lace flowers lavishly spreads all over the bodice being complemented by the tasteful embroidery of pears, beads and crystals. This combination is literally dazzling and absolutely spectacular, since it creates the confident and slightly daring image accentuated by the attractively cut back. You can see the narrow straps slide smoothly down the shoulders to finally unite and complete this marvellous confection. This dress is indisputably unique and its genius stems from the feelings of freedom, freshness and carefree playfulness it is eager to arouse in its owner.