Adelaide de Rosenberg
Reference: INL 1901

 Thousands of tourists that come to Portugal cannot but admire one awe-inspiring highlight known as the charming Portuguese “azulejos.” Only one fleeting glimpse of the dress Adelaide den Rosenberg from the latest collection “Innocentia Divina” will be enough to fall in love with the marvellous creation which is as majestic as the finest ceramic tilework. Undoubtedly, the image created by the dress epitomises freedom and weightlessness. The sophisticated portrait of innocence mingled with sweet naivety is painted with the help of the delicate fabric that gently slides down the fragile silhouette like the tender kiss of summer breeze. The uniqueness of the dress is masterfully accentuated by the exquisite embroidery of sparkling beads that are generously scattered all over the fabric.

 The celebrated quarter that is called Chiado creates the perfect backdrop for the bewildering variety of vibrant colours playing all over the flowing glittering pleats of the elegant tail embellished with the opulent lace. The unrivalled sparkle of the dress is revealed in the virtuoso combination of beads and lace which create the magnificent melody of women’s beauty. Both the low-cut back and the décolletage of the dress look tantalisingly intriguing and emphasise that noble women, who tend to choose such dresses, may be quite resolute and dauntless. The pleasant languor of this dreamy and carefree image is conspicuous in the slit going up one leg whereas the filmy sleeves fall down the shoulders like thin morning haze.