Beatriz de Castela
Reference: INL 1903

 The gorgeous bridal image Beatriz de Castela emerges against a flattering backdrop of a splendid local square basking in the tender sun. The glitter of numerous finest threads that envelop the silhouette is bound to catch your eye and pull at your heartstrings. The imitation of the nude bodice is so impeccable that at first glance you might think that the luxurious shimmering patterns are painted all over the fragile body of the model gradually sliding down the weightless gauzy skirt which falls down in gracefully folded cascades. The lavish tail is the highlight that makes the skirt complete.

 Back in the past this square was crowned with the imposing palace, whereas today the dress Beatriz de Castela receives the role of a precious gem sparkling on the photos which were taken on the site of the majestic building. The dress is irresistibly beautiful and undoubtedly exudes queenly charm and nobility. It goes without saying that even the most demanding fashion connoisseur will admire this creation. The exclusive hue of the dress was achieved as a result of the meticulous combination of diverse layers of fabric. The remarkable design really stands out since the tasteful embroidery made of paillettes is sprinkled generously all over the fabric like a gush of expensive champagne. The dress will definitely help every delicate lady to feel harmony mingled with pleasant languor.