Carlota de Bourbon
Reference: INL 1904

 The model wearing the opulent dress Carlota de Bourbon is strolling peacefully down the cosy street covered with the ornate “carpet” of painted tiles. The dress is uniquely demure and its special charm is conspicuous in the graceful simplicity of the design which can be regarded as the true embodiment of bohemian Portugal.

 Elegance is the quality which is written all over the dress. You can see it in its meticulously cut lines which emphasise the pure beauty of the ingenious designer’s creation. Sometimes you just need to free the dress from elaborate patterns and decorations in order to make it special and absolutely resplendent. The initial image of the dress bears the notes of nobility, self-confidence and tenacity mingled with the slightest hint of vanity. Its strict lines are impeccable and the plain straight silk skirt falls down the silhouette as adamantly as the words fall from the lips of an arrogant lady. The delicate cloak is the intricate confection woven from the finest lace flowers, it covers the dress and softens the whole image endowing it with tenderness and childlike sincerity. The exquisite crystal embroidery of the bodice will make you feel like the brightest star whereas the lingering tail will add queenly nobility and graceful opulence to the image which resembles the creation of a talented sculptor suddenly brought to life with a kiss of love.

 The dress Carlota de Bourbon is bound to touch your soul with its unique combination of elegance and aristocratic style.