Catalina de Austria
Reference: INL 1905

 The dress Catalina de Austria carefully swathes the tender silhouette in the finest lace patterns and tasteful embroidery of crystal beads that play with the sun’s rays composing a hardly audible melody. This image is as unforgettable as the sweetest love song accompanied on the traditional Portuguese musical instruments.

 The close-fitting dress flatteringly accentuates the slim figure whereas the masterly combination of filmy fabrics is so intriguing that it almost unveils the mystery of a stunning beautiful lady. The long tail consolidates the dreaminess of this precious confection woven from the magical lace petals. The matching lace cloak with the embroidered slits is as weightless as the tender morning haze falling on a sleepy garden.

 This dress will be perfect for a vulnerable beauty, who is still lost in the marvellous lingering daydream, but is brave enough to aim higher, broaden her horizons, rush headlong into something new, crazy and simply live her life to the full.