Isabel de Aragão
Reference: INL 1909

 The imperial legacy of Portugal finds the eloquent expression in the daring image created by the dress Isabel de Aragao. This dress is predestined to belong only to an assertive and ravishing woman who never hides her special air of charming insolence. The fragile figure will be flatteringly accentuated by the accurately cut silhouette with the perfectly matching tempting slits. The delicate weightless lace performs the role of a sleepy languorous garden bursting with blooms of flowers that generously adorn the dress. The luxurious embroidery of paillettes is as mysterious and enticing as the shimmer of the Atlantic. The lingering tail encircles the hem like the fluffy ocean foam sprinkled with magical flowers and pearls.

 This dress epitomises freedom and great daring. This flowery confection engulfs the delicate silhouette completing the image with the exclusively embroidered tail. This creation in its entirety is ideal for the genuine Portuguese queen Isabel de Aragao.