Luisa de Gusmão
Referencia: INL 1911

 The image of an enigmatic bird with precious silky feathers is embodied in the creation of unrivalled beauty bearing the name Luisa de Gusmão. This dress is endowed with the special character which is conspicuous in the tender and at the same time majestically ravishing silhouette. The charming fragility of the image is tastefully accentuated by the thinnest net that falls down revealing the shoulders. The feathery cascades gradually flow into the weightless sleeves and the transparent haze of the aristocratic tail. The wide skirt adds an air of queenly confidence and the slightest note of arrogance. This resplendent dress is meticulously woven from various types of delicate hand-made lace lavishly embellished with the luxurious embroidery. This quintessence of opulence will undoubtedly leave you speechless and awestruck.

 The exquisite adornment with the use of dainty ostrich feathers and pearls is bound to take centre stage and catch astounded glances. The model wearing the dress Luisa de Gusmão looks like a genuine muse wandering through the serenity of the cosy streets in ancient Lisbon.