Maria de Sabóia
Reference: INL 1913

 The ravishing girl in the dress Maria de Saboia is walking down the street fringed with ancient houses and charming little cafes and you cannot but notice a spring in her step. Beauty is all about happiness deep down in our hearts. So, the owner of this dress is predestined to feel a wave of delight and blissful inspiration. The dress creates the quintessential image of a happy and self-sufficient woman who knows her own worth. The long tail that falls lavishly on ornate ceramic tilework immediately catches astonished glances of passers-by. The tender silhouette flatteringly accentuates the slim waistline.

 Like the rays of the sun shining over the Mediterranean the strokes of the exquisite embroidery endow the dress with the unsurpassed sparkle and conjure up the images of ornate Portuguese azulejos. This stunning confection will definitely leave you entranced. The straps of precious lace create the unforgettable symphony spreading through the fabric together with the sophisticated fringes made of pearls and crystal beads. The tasteful embellishments meticulously carve out the impeccable depiction of a gorgeous noble lady who is used to being in the limelight.

 The design leaves the shoulders revealed to the kiss of the warm sun and this highlight adds a few romantic notes to the image of a strong and daring woman.