Marie Amélie
Reference: INL 1914

 The harmonious combination of diverse architectural styles is conspicuous in the absorbing ensemble of buildings towering above the meandering streets of Lisbon. In the same way the elaborate blend of fabrics and materials endows the dress Marie Amélie with its unparalleled charm. The tenderness of the image is created with the help of the finest lace. The close-fitting bodice accentuates the slender waistline and the wrap skirt falls down gracefully revealing the slim legs of the model and adding a hint of allure. The dress is the sheer epitome of freedom and dreaminess. The delicate straps sprinkled with the exquisite sparkling embroidery are veiled in the filmy wings of the sleeves that make the dress a bit coquettish and bring a few notes of childlike sincerity. 

 The removable filmy skirt is like the morning haze which envelops the fragile silhouette. This special highlight makes the dress even more adorable. The lacy trail is the final luxurious flourish that completes this opulent confection.