Santa Isabel
Reference: INL 1915

 The dress Santa Isabel paints the image of a pensive beauty with a ravishing dreamy smile. The dress is eye-catching because of the unique sparkle of the generous embroidery spreading all over the dress and basking greedily in the dazzling sunshine. The opulent decoration endows the dress with an air of upper-class opulence.

 The softness of the lace delicately accentuates the silhouette of the bridal image. The flowing grace of the fabric laden with the heavy glittering embroidery makes the dress especially mysterious and enticing. The romantic illusion of the revealed shoulders gingerly shrouded in the transparent nude net fits in perfectly with the dainty features of this bridal confection. It goes without saying that the dress looks resplendent against the backdrop of ancient Lisbon. The dress is like the melody that has its own rhythm fine-tuned with the synergy of lace and embroidery.