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Augusta Vitória

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The imposing architectural monuments of ancient Europe conjure up the ethereal image of Romanism which comes alive soaking up the tenderness of the morning sun. Augusta Victoria is the dress of the incomparable beauty which inspires and empowers its owner like a creative muse that grants freedom to a timid artist. The design is multi-faceted but still harmoniously woven just like the verses of Portuguese romances. This stunning dress can only be worn by a genuine princess who will not fail to sense and value the cultural heritage of medieval Europe.
The cosy corners of Lisbon which are so eye-catching in every photo serve as the perfect complement to the practical luxury created by virtue of the finest precious lace carefully swathed in the gauzy flowing skirt. The tail is tastefully adorned with exquisite flowers and it definitely adds a few extra notes of opulence to this creation. The weightless filmy sleeves look like the wings of a lovely angel and endow the dress with freedom and dreaminess.
The low-cut décolletage and back make the image less demure bringing the hint of allure. The bodice is covered with numerous flowers just like the sleepy spring garden that is woken by the kiss of the sun and suddenly bursts with aromatic blooms. The exquisite embroidery made of pearls and tiny crystals shimmers softly accentuating the unique charm of the dress. The meticulously chosen fabric slides down the figure just like the pleasant cool of the subtlest breeze which envelops you and makes you feel serene and delighted.