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Beatrice Portinari

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The image of an enigmatic and charming dreamer is visualised in the dress named after Beatrice Portinari, the muse and secret love of a legendary Italian poet Dante Alighiery. The deep affection started during cloudless childhood years and was initially predestined to remain platonic but still that profound sincere feeling found expression in the immortal lines of Dante’s poetry. This dress deserves the attention and admiration of a real lady who is so pure, captivating but “unattainable” like an innermost dream. The elegant duet of lace and net is full of mysterious enticing highlights just like the inner world of a beautiful woman. The design is not complicated but still truly “eloquent” and unparalleled. The meticulous delicate floral appliqué sparkles with the crystalline embroidery covering the bodice and the fragile shoulders of the bride. The thinnest thread of miniature buttons on the back adds extra charm and coquetry. The rich multilayered rosy skirt with its magnificent train resembles lush blooming peonies and gives a pleasant feeling of spring freshness, weightlessness and delight.