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Franca Florio

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The prim dress, which is so typical of a straight-laced lady, paints the delicate silhouette falling down gracefully in smooth elegant lines. However, the designer plays with the idea of the open shoulders that bask in the tenderness of the warm Sicilian sun. This ingenious detail works its magic and brightens up the sheer demureness of the gown, bringing in a few lingering notes of coquetry and tempting charm. The thinnest belt embraces the delicate waist and emphasises the sumptuousness of the skirt, which is showered with the tasteful embroidery and is completed by the flowing train. It is a genuine poem, but instead of words the author uses the haze of pellucid fabric and a million beads that write the story of vivacious waves waking up the sleepy shore. The team of Innocentia has made the image of a stunning Italian “donna” utterly natural, having reconciled the permeating tenderness of the southern sun and the subtlety of her aristocratic character.