Ucrania Collection

The name of the entire collection resounds powerfully and speaks for itself conjuring up the awe-inspiring images of picturesque fertile landscapes of this splendid free country. Our dresses embody the unparalleled beauty and charm of every Ukrainian woman, who is the God’s masterpiece endowed with purity, tenderness, eagerness to love and cherish everyone and everything around. Ukrainian beauties are not afraid to be real, to rip off all the artificial masks and hypocritical smiles. They are free in their identity, in their choices and convictions, they are self-sufficient and fearless. They are so different but yet united by the quality of being Ukrainian, which is their superpower. Innocentia team has meticulously epitomised all these virtues in the wedding gowns that are as resplendent and radiant as our national culture. These allusions come alive in the flawless silhouettes, the daring cuts, the abundance of rich fabric, the masterfully created appliqués and the precious shimmer of embroidery that have turned each wedding gown into a sheer treasure. We take an immense pride in presenting the collection that is named after our unconquerable motherland. So, with deep respect and love to our charming customers we continue working in order to put joyous smiles on your faces and bring even more beauty into this world.