Melodia del Paradiso

The luxury segment “Innocentia Divina” is ready to introduce you to the new brainchild of our gifted team. These wedding dresses are bound to hold you entranced due to their magnetic opulence, where the top-notch technique of cuts goes hand in hand with the mind-boggling adornments.


The name of the entire collection resounds powerfully and speaks for itself conjuring up the awe-inspiring images of picturesque fertile landscapes of this splendid free country.


Every dress from our collection is unforgettably unique, each like their own poem conveying a beautiful love story. The greatest poems ever written coming to life, embodied in each dress.


The luxury collection “Incanto” – it goes without saying that every piece exudes charm that simply cannot go unnoticed.

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Our personal love story with bridal fashion began in 2013 with the creation of our brand Innocentia. This was the year that we understood that we were dauntless enough to set off on a spectacular journey that opened a whole new opportunity for our team. We unleashed our imagination and let ourselves dream big and create fabulous gowns that could epitomise the innermost desires of every bride.