Melodia del Paradiso Collection

The luxury segment “Innocentia Divina” is ready to introduce you to the new brainchild of our gifted team. These wedding dresses are bound to hold you entranced due to their magnetic opulence, where the top-notch technique of cuts goes hand in hand with the mind-boggling adornments. In the new collection we are going to astound you with the freshness of reinvented bridal designs, the intricacy of embroidered patterns and the exquisite appliqué embellishments that create the unique ethereal character of every single dress. The name of the collection is symbolic, since the melody of the Paradise is played by genuine angels – immaculate divine images that warm our souls and make our aches and anxieties fade away. So, every bride will feel profoundly impeccable in our dress, just as if she has felt the fluffy angelic wings behind her back, just as if she is destined to carry the vibe of pure bliss, to spread love, peace, beauty and the abundance of joy all around her. Dear customers, we welcome you to behold and try on our breath-taking confections and rejoice while relishing in the euphoric melody of the Paradise.