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Blanche of Castile

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The elegance of the dress Blanche of Castile is conspicuous in every line and stitch. The silhouette of this queenly gown is a traditional all-time favourite that allures with its low-cut bodice, flatteringly accentuated waistline and unstoppable waves of the huge luxurious skirt. You may never cease to marvel at the mind-boggling diversity of adornments that come to life on the gowns produced by Innocentia Divina. So, this genuine jewel of the collection is not an exception to the rule that has already become a marvellous tradition. If you take a closer look at it, you will admire the intricate combination of the lacy stripes, the generously embroidered fragments of transparent nets and almost imperceptible folds refreshing the shoulders and the train of the skirt. This image exudes opulence and aristocratic charm, conjuring up the memories of spectacular balls in colossal palaces owned by the nobility.