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Cervilia Sepione

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It is no exaggeration to say that the dress Servilia Sepione is the diamond of this collection. This weightless cloud of translucent powder-pink net in combination with the exquisite handmade lace epitomises the image of tender, sensitive and irresistibly desirable beauty which is capable of prevailing and sweeping admirers off their feet. The name Servilia belonged to the woman who was deeply loved and cherished by Caesar, but ironically gave birth to his future traitor and murderer Brutus. Servilia was the representative of a noble family and was renowned for her startling intelligence and sophisticated taste. So, this dress is perfectly suitable for a genuine connoisseur of fashion and style. The lace bodice is enveloped in the soft flower petals, the open back is alluring and intriguing, but the multilayered skirt adorned with dainty handmade lace is definitely the most breathtaking part of this splendid creation. The milky hue of the lace highlights the tender colour of the rosy fabric and this combination creates the romantic and languorous design.