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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Annamaria di Villafranca

Annamaria di Villafranca


The subtle elegance of the dress Annamaria di Villafranca emphasises the natural beauty and panache. The shimmering patterns slide down the filmy fabric with great ease and softness as if they have been created by the deft touch of Mother Nature. Admiring the details it is possible to get carried away and revel in a flight of fantasy about the wind that rid the dress of all the excessive frills with a mere warm breath. The notes of coquetry are conspicuous in the décolletage zone as well as the audacious slit up one side of the leg. These features definitely make this image irresistibly seductive. The presented design gives a fresh perspective on bridal outfit, it reverberates like the new long-awaited melody clearing your mind and pulling at your heartstrings. The weightlessness of the delicate fabric shrouds the silhouette like the mist that falls on the sleepy cliff. This dress is sheer inspiration mingled with genuine sensuality and prudence.

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