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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Annetta Bordonaro

Annetta Bordonaro


The “Sicilia” collection is unveiled with the image of the fabulous clinging dress that accentuates the fragile feminine figure, enveloping it in the waves of luxurious lace. The exclusive embroidery of paillettes and pearls is scattered all over the delicate fabric just like the refreshing splashes of the sea. It is a sheer confection intrinsic to the tasteful designs of “Innocentia.” This flawless silhouette will be ideally suited for an assertive but at the same time demure lady who will definitely rejoice in the chance of wearing this epitome of irresistible beauty. The flowing sparkle of the train harmonises with the intriguingly revealed shoulders and back of the gown highlighting its elegance and allure.

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