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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Cleopatra di Sicilia

Cleopatra di Sicilia


It is the image of a resolute and defiant dreamer, who lives her life to the full and is deeply convinced that nothing in the world can cramp her style. It is the dress with the character of its own, as light as the flutter of a bird’s wings, which have scattered the glittering doodles of floral embroidery over the smooth silky fabric. The silhouette of Cleopatra di Sicilia is flooded with the masterful patterns that trickle down the entire skirt and burst in a billion drops of crystal-clear dew landing on the alluring train. The revealed shoulders crowned with the dainty chains of beads bring in the notes of playful charm and sensuality. Such impeccable details envelop the gown in the special bohemian aura that pervades the streets lined with the pearls of the Byzantine architecture. This opulence can be accentuated by the gauziness of the removable skirt, which flows down the feminine figure in graceful waves.

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