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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Costanza di Aragona

Costanza di Aragona


This dress is the epitome of delight and it is predestined to raise the spirits of a happy-go-lucky girl, who is frank and never afraid to show her true colours, because her inner world shines with all the hues of the rainbow. The fragile shoulders feel the slightest caress of the embellished straps, which shimmer like diamonds. The matching belt accentuates the slenderness of the waist. The bodice is generously decorated with ornate flowers and paillettes. The floral motifs slide down the skirt and gradually cover the long sumptuous train. The lucky owner of Costanza di Aragona will rejoice in the pure splendour of the gown, which will capture her imagination and transfer her to the unique world shrouded in the aura of romance and passion, the world where every dream becomes a reality.

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