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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Eleonora Ragusa

Eleonora Ragusa


The sparkling glory of this dress cannot but leave you speechless. The gown is lavishly embellished with the intricate embroidery that bears a striking resemblance to the fireworks that light up the night sky. The classic bridal design is meticulously embodied to perfection that is tangible in the subtlest detail. Moreover, the intriguingly revealed back is likely to draw the prying eyes of enthralled passers-by. The opulence of the adorned train gushes down creating the illusion of shimmering sea foam. This dress will empower its owner and she will be overwhelmed with freedom and courage of her own convictions, she will suddenly feel adventurous and playful and will get caught up in the whirl of vigorous activity and vivid emotions.

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