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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Giuseppa Bolognani

Giuseppa Bolognani


The gown Giuseppa Bolognani is a genuine masterpiece of bridal fashion art. The awe-inspiring talent of the tireless team of adepts called Innocentia is woven into every centimeter of this majestic creation. This dress is truly unique and unsurpassed, it has its own character and enticing charm so every woman who chooses this dreamy confection is predestined to feel special. The bodice is adorned with the strict silver lines and when the sun’s rays dance on them they cannot but highlight their dazzling glitter. The intricate embroidery of minute beads covers the whole dress resembling a powerful wave of crystal-clear sea water. This resplendent image is sheer perfection that will definitely delight a real connoisseur, who cherishes the harmony of beauty and impeccable style. If you give yourself a chance to wear this gem of a dress, your radiant smile will light up the world around you.

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