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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Isabella Bellina

Isabella Bellina


This dress is the epitome of pleasant languor and dreaminess tucked deep down in the soul of a hopeless romantic. The image is as soft and warm as the kiss of wind in hospitable Italy. The picturesque backdrops and meandering streets of Palermo worked their magic and helped to convey the magnetic charm of the gown Isabella Bellina. If you catch a glimpse of this fabulous embroidered creation, your heart is bound to yearn for it. This dress is weightless and tender but at the same time it shines like a precious diamond deftly cut by the best jeweller. The neckline and back are intriguingly exposed, which adds the notes of allure, whereas the extraordinary design of the straps adorns creamy shoulders. The embroidery can by associated with a multitude of sparkling doodles, which look so natural and indispensable on the delicate fabric.

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