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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Laura Lanza

Laura Lanza


“Daring” is the best word to articulate the quality that pervades the dress Laura Lanza. Its smooth lines slide down the silhouette and accentuate every tempting curve of a feminine figure, whereas the eye-catching slits that sync with the lavishly beaded silk strips endow this elegant image with an air of seductiveness and insolence. Due to the exclusive embroidery, created with the use of queenly pearls and shimmering crystals, the dress oozes its spectacular charm. The choice of smooth silk for the classic flowing skirt with a train is ingenious in its simplicity and harmoniously co-exists with the heavily adorned bodice. Sometimes when we cast a glance at the embodiment of genuine beauty and panache, words fail us and there is nothing to be done. This dress will embrace you with the aura of aristocratic opulence and you will plunge into the appealing mystery.

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