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Innocentia Divina | Dresses | Sicilia Collection

Maria di Capizzi

Maria di Capizzi


You can avert your gaze or close your eyes but the stunning image of the gown Maria di Capizzi will remain engraved in your mind. The highlight of this ornate design is in the intricately embroidered lace, which instantly conjures up the romantic memories we all hold dear. This flawless embellishment is the result of the meticulous work completed by the true experts and connoisseurs of bridal fashion. The enigma of this dress fires your imagination and enables you to fantasise about your wildest dreams. When the gown catches the sincere smile of the Sicilian sun its lacy flowers seem to open up and bloom lavishly in their glory. The subtleties of this gossamer silhouette exemplify real art which inevitably takes your breath away.

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